We offer flexible PVC film products with features such as fire retardancy, UV resistance, antimicrobial treatment, chemical resistance and aging resistance films. All films are available in different colours.


Key applications for our film include:


Products for Projection Screen manufacturing 

Riflex has developed a comprehensive range of screen vinyl to meet demanding digital imaging. We offer high quality vinyl films for both front and rear projection screens.


Decorations, Textile Manufacturing and Interior Design

Riflex offers films for textile lamination, printing and black-out application. Our films are widely used for shower and blackout curtains, table cloths and more. The PVC film can be formulated to meet the requirements of a wide range of fire regulations and specifications.


Flexible Packaging

Riflex films are used for packaging of liquids and gels including highly concentrated household chemicals such as fabric softener, shower soaps and cleaning agents.

Medical/hygienic applications

Our medical range of film is used in a wide variety of applications, such as:

  • Urine and drainage bags
  • Mattress protection (available in anti-bacterial and anti-fungus formulations)
  • X-rays - used in e g dental X-rays



Technical films 

Riflex offers technical films products for the manufacturing industry, such as chemical protection suits, bags, waterbeds, heating elements and containers.



Our films are widely used for transparent wear layers and the opaque reverse of commercial flooring.



Riflex produces PVC films with high product quality and durability, UV stabilised, cold resistant and resistant to root penetration. The products are used as geomembrane, liners for ponds, water reservoirs, irrigation systems and more. The different products are available in many dimensions and colours.

Our raw materials comply with REACH requirements

We are able to provide applications that are certified in accordance with the Oeko-Tex® Standard 100.